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We design websites cheaper for R299pm to give you ZERO reasons not to have a website for your business or service

Launch your startup or small business to digital success with WeJustDo Website Design South Africa for one easy to pay monthly web design package of R299pm.

Is the R299pm website design package within what you can afford to pay for your website?

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Our passion for design, digital marketing, and the love for small businesses has led us to establish WeJustDo Website Design a division of 2Colour Bean. We know large companies started small which is why we design websites cheaper for R299pm to help small businesses grow.

Nyasha Ndhlovu Partner and Lead Web Developer

Nyasha Ndhlovu

Partner & Lead Web Developer

Msimelelo Makatesi SEO Expert

Msimelelo Makatesi

Partner & SEO Expert

WeJustDo Website Design South Africa

Most small business owners have the same problem when they’re starting up. They feel most web design companies in South Africa that deliver good quality websites charge more than they can afford. Luckily you don’t have to look for another web design company, we launched a pay monthly web design service for small businesses that has everything you need to take your business online.

One Easy Payment

Get everything you need to get your website online and maintenance on one easy to pay monthly package.

Pay Monthly Web Design

No contract and hidden fees, pay as you need the website for your business effortlessly cancel anytime.

Convenient Process

We made the process simple for your convenience, your website will be live 5 days after your first payment.

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Care to share why you still don't have a website?

We'd love to call you so you can tell us why you still struggle to get a website and discuss how we can better help you get the website you desire for your business.

Responsive Website Design South Africa

As a web design agency in South Africa, we have a bespoke process from the start to the end of your project, with tailored website designs unique to your requirements. All of our websites are carefully designed in Adobe XD before being coded by our experienced developers making us an extremely flexible and agile web design company, ready to take on projects large or small.

Better User Experience

Responsive web design ensures your website visitors enjoy the same browsing experience, whether they’re viewing your website on desktop or mobile devices.

Improve SEO Performance

Another benefit of having a responsive website is that it improves the loading times for all devices, which then signals to Google that your website is user-freindly.

Increase Conversion Rate

Websites that adapt to different devices see an increase in website conversion because users are able to navigate the site easily without having to scroll vertically.

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Can you afford a pay monthly web design package of R299pm for your website, SEO and hosting?

We combined SEO starter package to the value of R1500pm, website design worth R6950 and 5GB website hosting worth R99pm into one easy to pay monthly web design package of R299pm.

Website pages SEO optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process used in website design to optimise website pages to be indexable by search engines like Google and Bing. Websites that are SEO optimised help people find information that’s relevant to their search phrases on Google. Ultimately the goal for SEO optimisation is to help search engines serve useful content to people who rely on them to find information. And in return they reward your website with good website traffic.

Improve website rankings

Increase the number of visible pages on Google search results pages.

Be found on Google

Show up in front of potential customers as they actively search on Google.

Increase Conversion Rate

Attract more relevant website traffic from Google and convert it into sales leads.

Website Design FAQs - Pay Monthly Web Design Questions Answered

  • What is pay monthly web design?

    Pay monthly web design refers to paying a low monthly fee to a web design service provider instead of a high once-off cost for a website design. Our monthly web design fee is R299.

  • When do I start to pay for my website?

    Our process requires you to make your first payment before our development team can start to work on your website.

  • How long will you take to design my website?

    Your website will go live just 5 days after your first payment, provided we have all the information we need.

  • What happens if I decide to cancel?

    If you decide to cancel we will stop debiting your account immediately. You will also lose access to your emails and website after 30 days.

  • What if I want to cancel and keep my emails and website?

    In this regard, you will have to pay R6950 for the design of the website. Remember, we do not charge for the design, the R299 allows you to get 5GB website hosting + SEO + website design maintenance.

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